Apple is working to make it easier to remove the iPhone 16 battery in line with EU regulations

The Rumor Mill: Most modern smartphones have sleek form factors that make removing batteries much more complex than previous mobile devices. New EU rules could force manufacturers to rethink their designs, and reports indicate that Apple will comply starting with this year’s iPhone. These rumors line up with previous leaks that hinted at a redesigned battery case for the company’s latest phone model.

Sources have told The Information (via MacRumors) that replacing batteries for the iPhone 16 will be somewhat easier. Although the process will likely still require professional assistance, Apple is making compliance with new legislation from the European Union less complex and less risky.

Removing a battery from an iPhone 15 involves several delicate steps, including carefully removing the adhesive strips that seal the battery in place using tweezers (or a plastic card, according to iFixit). The new method reportedly involves applying electricity at low voltages to release the battery from the case.

The updated process may be possible due to the new frozen metal shell for the iPhone 16 battery that came out last year. Compared to the black foil coating that Apple has used so far, the metal can improve thermal dissipation to minimize overheating. Another result of the change could be a redesigned battery removal procedure.

Cupertino is complying with a law the European Union passed last year that mandates that new smartphones must allow users to easily remove and replace internal batteries by 2025. However, removing the iPhone’s back cover 16 likely won’t be much simpler than its predecessors, so many owners will continue to rely on Apple Stores or other repair shops. However, the upcoming phone is likely to hit the market at the same time as the company is set to adopt more lenient repair policies.

Apple recently made other significant changes to the iPhone amid tightening EU regulations. The iPhone 15 became the first variant to replace Apple’s Lightning cable connector with standard USB-C, and European iOS users now have more options about where they can download software.

Other rumored changes coming to the iPhone 16 include the thinnest bezel yet, a grip button, and the first increase in NPU core count in four years. A more powerful NPU will be used to improve the performance of the recently revealed Apple Intelligence generative artificial intelligence functionality.

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